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Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy - Promotion / Adverstising Manager

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What is your in-game name - Teamspeak name (If different): Ben Murphy

What is your age: 16 years old

Timezone (NA/EU/AU/Other): EU - Copenhagen

Why do you wish to become a member of staff (70 words min.): I am a healthy person who always puts in the party and loves to be with friends and family but also plays a computer in free time when I have time for it. I'm learning as a mechanic, so love speed and gasoline. I have no little siblings, I'm almost always happy. Would always have people are happy and kind and kind to people who are for me. I'm a bit dyslexic but not very hahaha. I have been to football for many years so is also active. Is also a very loyal person and dutiful person who would do my best. So if you have a healthy person, I'm ready for the task

What makes you stand out from other applicants/ members of staff (50 words min.): To be honest, I think I have more to offer more than many others since I have a lot of experience as a staff member. As a staff member at Psisyn I was a Advertising Manager and therefore I have experience with it.
As a staff member I would do everything possible for the players on the server to have the best possible experience on the server.
With my experience as a staff member, I know how to handle different situations, such as breaking up of various rules, hacking / cheats, scamming and more. I can keep my head cold in crowded situations and would like to help people if they have questions or problems with anything.
I can also offer different methods of training staff, not that I doubt your ways, but please help if necessary.
If there is ever a problem with Teamspeak, I can also help there as I have coded a couple of bots and put in a lot of team speeches as well as I can help with a lot of activity ingame, forum and teamspeak. I wanted to help this community as much as I can and try to do as good as you can now. I want to say I understand what I'm playing on your Takistan server but it's not something that will stop me i want to join this community and enjoy me, so I thought why I'm trying and helping you. Is a nice and very outgoing person as said before which is also important as staff then I close all empty threats out and if they are too exaggerated my sentence is just going to be gone. Would like to try and get players to the server. I would also like to try to make people think about before doing anything stupid and influencing people in this community. So I generally love just talking to new / old people and helping them all i can if they can not find out on the server so will try so much to help the individual person to be on the server and have fun . Finally, I would say I am a mature person

What do you think can improve within the staff team: adverstising and Promotion

Have you ever had any issues with any staff members: No, I am a Friend of the owner 

Have you had any previous bans and/ or warnings? If so, please state what for: No

Anything extra you would like to add: No

Do you understand that lying on this application will get you removed from staff and possibly blacklisted from staff: Yes

Do you understand that not following the designated SOPs or community guidelines/ rules may get you removed from your position: YES

Do you understand that SMT reserve the right to terminate your contract at any time without warning: YES

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