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Tanoa Life Server & Forums are all receiving major updates! Releases are to come very soon!

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Lenny Goodman

Forum Rules

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1.0 General Forum Rules:

  • Respect - Give it, Get it
  • Avatars - Keep them clean
  • No Pornography
  • No Racism
  • No Hate Speech 
  • Political Discussions - Within reason
  • Sexism - If you're a cute little girl and you want to play the gender card. The entire community has permission to rip you a new one. But harassment for normal females is not allowed.
  • Memes - Allowed as they do not contain any of the above.
  • Doxing / DDOS will result in contact with relevant law enforcement personnel.
  • Secret Socities - Do not discuss
  • Special / Custom Characters - Allowed within reason
  • ASCII Art - Allowed within reason if relating to relevant topic.

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