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Tanoa Life Server & Forums are all receiving major updates! Releases are to come very soon!

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Lenny Goodman

Civilian Knowledgebase

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These are the new update tutorials.


To call a Taxi:



  1. You have to buy a Taxi License from the DMV / DVLA
  2. After you buy a Taxi License - You can press ALT+ T, press work as a driver and press "go on duty". (Or Open Y Menu)
  • Open Y Menu (ALT+T) > Taxi > Call a Taxi & Wait


To access the Skill Tree:



  1. (First Option) Press CTRL + T
  2. (Second Option) Y Menu > Skill Tree


For Drug Growing (Heroin, Cannabis & Cocaine)



  1. Go to the market and buy at minimum 3 "Watering Can" to water the drugs
  2. Go to one of these drug fields (Heroin, Cannabis or Cocaine)
  3. Pick up multiple drugs (do not process if you want to grow)
  4. Go anywhere on the map (note some of these drugs, you can grow in your house)
  5. Press Y and press "use" on the drug
  6. You will then plant, you can press Windows Key on the place you planted to see the growth and water amount
  7. Make sure to keep an eye on this until the growth is at 100 otherwise it will die!
  8. (OPTIONAL) You can buy a weed killer if you decide not to do the drug
  9. (KNOWLEDGE) The drug can be left alone for weeks & months as they save onto our database
  10. (KNOWLEDGE) You can also plant the drug even if there is 5 minutes left to the server restart. It will save.



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