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Lenny Goodman

[TEMPLATE] Developer Application

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The following template must be copied and used in your application, if you fail to follow the template, you will be declined. The more reasoning you give the more likely we will consider your app. Please be advised if your application is rejected you must wait at least a 7 days before submitting a new one.---

What is your in-game name - Teamspeak name (If different):

What is your age:

Timezone (NA/EU/AU/Other):

What position do you wish to apply for: (GFX Designer, Server Developer, Teamspeak Developer)

Why do you wish to become this position (70 words min.):

What makes you stand out from other applicants? (50 words min.):

What do you think can improve within the development team:

Have you ever had any issues with any staff members:

Have you had any previous bans and/ or warnings? If so, please state what for:

Anything extra you would like to add:

Do you understand that lying on this application will get you removed from staff and possibly blacklisted from staff:

Do you understand that not following the designated SOPs or community guidelines/ rules may get you removed from your position:

Do you understand that SMT reserve the right to terminate your contract at any time without warning:

Please link / describe or tell us about any or all development work you have done in relation to Armed Assault 3 (Please be as flamboyant/expressive as possible):


You will need to play on the server for more than 24 hours to gain access to creating applications. 

*If any of your "work" is seen on forums such as AltisLifeRPG without credible evidence to prove it is yours, your application may be denied.


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