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[Poll] Map Selection & Development

Map Selection  

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  1. 1. Map Selection

    • Altis
    • Tanoa
    • Malden

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Greetings ladies & gents,


We aren't sure if Altis is attracting any players anymore.. We want to ask our small community on what map to use. Tanoa, Malden or Altis?

We haven't stopped the development for RP Labs and we never will. We are continously developing but at the same time bug testing. We have run into a few bugs but it's almost fixed. The map editing part is almost being completed by Lennard for this update so as soon as that is done, we will begin to upload to the main branch.


We aren't sure why the Altis map isn't attracting players as we have a unique server for RP Labs, but this isn't the case. Whether unique or custom, the map has died out. We would like our small community to vote on the poll above on what map should be used. We don't feel like Altis will get far anymore as people want to see something "different". Something "more".


Transferring scripts / NPC's over won't take a long time. So we have no worry for this.


Coming to the poll side of things, would you like to see us on the Tanoa map, Malden map or continue with Altis map?


This will be unmodded. We aren't planning to add mods as this ruins gameplay.


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