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Life Server Rules

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1.0 General Rules [NEW RULES]:

  • Please refrain from using abusive language even if you're roleplaying it.
  • Do not spam or harrass players on RP Labs
  • You must roleplay at all times. This is a roleplaying server and we take it seriously.
  • Purposefully looking for exploits in the server will be a bannable offense.
  • Staff have the right to ban players at their own discretion
  • Avoiding Bans by playing on an alternative account will get you banned every time.
  • DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks will be dealt with by firstly collecting any and all information needed to prosecute the individual followed by contacting the relevant law enforcement agencies associated with the individual's country of residence. (Yeah we've done this multiple times and all have resulted in the attacker facing some serious consequences...fines, community service and on three occasions a prison sentence)
  • Doxxing (Searching and publishing someone's private information and/or pictures) e.g Bob is from Italy, Jeff is from America they have never met before. Bob robs Jeff in-game. Jeff finds Bob's Facebook/Instagram and starts to post his images/information on forums without Bob's consent. This is also illegal and will warrant the same action as foretold in DDOS

2.0 Combat Logging & Glitches:

  • Anyone who is caught cheating or hacking on RP Labs will be permanently banned.
  • Exploits and cheats are logged on our database. If you receive a large amount of money without a valid explanation, your account will be totally wiped.
  • Alt+F4 to avoid RP is combat logging and you will be banned if evidence is given. If you have time to play Arma 3, you have time to allow RP to be acted out.
  • You are not to combat log whatsoever. PC had an issue? Please report this to us ASAP with evidence. (Screenshots, video proof or pictures from phone)


3.0 Text Roleplay (Cellphone / Direct Chat):

Text messages are only to be sent as a roleplay structure when people are in vehicles or when someone has given you their "number".

  • You are only to text a vehicle if you're inside a 1km radius.
  • You must see who it is before you text them (in vehicle)

4.0 Command Channels (Side Chat, Direct Chat & Group Chat [Group Chat - Sheriff])

  • You are only to use side chat if you're asking a quesiton or in need of help about the server, do not roleplay in this section or give out locations.
  • You must be within the ArmA III Codec Range in order to initiate someone (Like 20m? Correct me if wrong)
  • Group chat for Sheriff is not for communication. DO NOT SPEAK HERE. If you're speaking in group chat, you will be klcked.

5.0 Initiations:

  • If you say anything hostile to somebody, it is classed as initiation
  • You cannot initiate 3rd parties who aren't with you. 
  • Initiations are considered hostile.
  • Initiations are only 5 minutes long. This timer resets when shots are fired (towards them) during the engagement.
  • If you want to initiate a player who is not in your gang, you must specify them by name (up to 3 additional individuals).
  • You can only initiate your gang or one of your allies.
  • Initiations must be stated specifically (Air support, snipers, gang members) --- Stated below




On Foot (Voice):

i) Stop what you are doing and put your hands up or die to Gang1's support.

(Vehicles + Air Only / Text Message):

i) Land and surrender or die to Gang1's support.

ii) Pull over and surrender or die to Gang1's support.

iii) Get out of your vehicle with your hands up or die to Gang1's support

(Gang + Player Support Initiations):

i) Stop what you are doing and put your hands up or die to Gang1's & RastaLulz's support.

ii) Stop what you are doing and put your hands up or die to Gang1's & Gang2's support.


Q: Can I initiate my gang as a whole? A: Yes.
Q: Can I initiate other people by name? A: Yes.
A: You can initiate anyone, just make sure you give enough time for your message to be read. If you sent a long paragraph initiating multiple people, you have to allow them reasonable time to read your message and comply. The longer your message, the longer you have to wait!

Q: Will I get banned for initiating another gang that is not involved and hasn't asked me to initiate as a troll?

A: Yes. This kind of thing falls under the 'Don't be a dick' rule. 

Pointing a gun at someone and saying "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR" is clear hostile intent and are clearly initiating on you. A cop walking up to your car, gun lowered and calmly saying "Sir can you step out of the vehicle?" is not initiation as he is clearly just trying to talk. Use your better judgement. If you can't do that, don't risk it, you may catch a ban. You do not need to give an ultimatum ("Do this or I'll kill you"), you just have to make it clear hostile intent.


6.0 General Roleplay (Initiations included) :

  • You cannot go to an ATM for 10 minutes once you have been initiated.
  • Iniations last for 5 minutes. You must shoot at them to ensure the initations continue. Every bullet fired towards them will reset the 5 minute timer to 0.
  • If you say anything hostile to somebody, it is classed as initiation.
  • Do not cop bait. Driving Armored Vehicles in major cities is classed as cop baiting. Stop it or you'll be banned for 24 hours.
  • If an emergency vehicle is approaching with sirens you must pull over and allow it to pass.

7.0 Helicopters:

  • Must ask permission to land in Georgetown

8.0 Armed Vehicles:

  • Armed Vehicles cannot be used to show "authority" of alpha gang to the server.
  • Armed Vehicles cannot be anywhere near Georgetown as this is cop-baiting.
  • Armed Vehicles seen in Georgetown will be crushed / demolished on sight.
  • Armed Vehicles cannot just "initiate" on who they wish whenever they want. This is Fail RP. (You cannot hop from one person to another robbing them because you feel like it)
  • Armed Vehicles (Sheriff) must only be used when something major is happening. (See Below)

^Only used in these listed situations^:

  • Federal Reserve
  • Redzones

9.0 Sheriff Department [NEW RULES]:

  • You cannot kidnap an officer unless there are 4 Sheriff Officers online.
  • Sirens are not initiation. When you are pulled over, please keep calm.
  • Sheriff's cannot arm themselves with high calibre weapons unless instructed. (7.62mm+)
  • If there are less than 3 Sheriff Officers online, they do not have to comply with the NLR rules.
  • You cannot cop bait with vehicles & gear
  • As a Sheriff, you cannot enter the training grounds without an FTO's permission.
  • Sheriff can return to the Federal Reserve after 10 minutes of NLR.
  • Sheriff must come on at minimum 12 hours a week.

10.0 Sheriff Equipment [NEW RULES]:

  • You can only bring out 7.62 + when a Federal Reserve / Bank of Tanoa robbery is happening or if instructed to do so by a superior.

Anyone caught with these weapons out will be taken into a private room for a talk! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

11.0 Federal Reserve & Bank of Tanoa [NEW RULES]:

  • You cannot rob the Federal Reserve & Bank of Tanoa when cop training is taking place.
  • You cannot return to the Federal Reserve & Bank of Tanoa if you have died even if your NLR runs out. (Civs / Rebels Only)
  • You cannot be anywhere near the Federal Reserve & Bank of Tanoa (2km radius) when your NLR timer runs out - You have to wait until it is over.
  • If you're within range of the Federal Reserve or Bank of Tanoa, you will be asked to leave, if you don't leave, you will be detained and questioned. This could lead to being arrested.

12.0 New Life Rule:

  • If you're killed, you must wait at least 10 minutes before entering the scene of your death.
  • Applies to all cops / civs but excludes EMS.
  • If you're RDM'ed, then you can go back to the scene when given permission by an admin.
  • Death via respawn = New Life, Once you respawn you cannot remember any details of your past life except for gang affiliations and names.

13.0 RDM / Random Death Match:

  • Do not kill someone without roleplay this is classed as RDM.
  • Give them a possble 5-10 seconds to catch what you said as there are communication delays and Arma VOIP is quite poor.
  • Shooting a player without giving the reasonable 5-10 seconds to is considered as RDM / Fail roleplay.
  • If the player is obviously stalling / playing stupid (Saying "I don't know how to put my hands up") you are allowed to kill them.

14.0 VDM / Vehicular Death Match

  • Do not run over someone even if they are purposefully standing infront of you car to stop you from moving.
  • Do not throw yourself infront of vehicles.
  • Do not destroy a vehicle if a person is not hiding behind it where you cant see them (initiations are required)
  • Don't crash on purpose.
  • Please stay away from your convoy of friends (if in different vehicles) - at least 100m to stop desync ramming.

15.0 Medical Interactions

  • Harming medics is against server rules and is bannable unless they don't follow simple instructions such as "leave the area" or "Do not revive / DNR".
  • You cannot steal medical vehicles.
  • You cannot loot or pick up any of their items without permission
  • You cannot commit any crimes against the medics unless stated.

16.0 Taxis

  • Taxi's cannot be robbed, taken as hostage, killed or be in other crime.
  • When you are a licensed taxi driver, you must not delay the driving as this costs. Anyone taking advantage of this will be banned.


Staff warnings / bans are final unless it can be solved.

Certain rules are subject to slight manipulation at the discretion of RP Labs where seen fit.

Stay cool. Be yourself. Don't be a dick.

We're all here to have fun!


These rules are subject to change.

19/07/2018 | 20:00PM (BST)

Edited by Lenny Goodman
Fixed Rules for Tanoa
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