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Tanoa Life Server & Forums are all receiving major updates! Releases are to come very soon!

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Lenny Goodman

Update v1.0

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- Interior & exterior design changes to General Store, Market, Car Shop, Truck Shop, Gun Store, Rebel Areas, APD HQ, Kavala Hospital.

- Added training grounds to APD HQ. (For Testing)

- New Prison under construction.

- Government buildings under construction.

- Tuning Shop added to Kavala, Athira, Pyrgos.

- Added Black Market. (Needs to be fixed more)



- Removed Extra Shops

- Removed Yelp Siren from Medics (No idea why it was conflicting - but fixed)

- Changed Plutonium - Slightly Adjusted (Might be fixed now)

- Changed Police ANPR from Shift+L

- Changed Gang Prices to $0

- Zipties, blindfolds, gags and lockpicks have been added in to the correct stores

- Changed A Few Item Prices

- Added where messages automatically save.

- Added Sit / Stand Script

- Added Vehicle Tuning Shop



- New vehicles and clothes.

- Adjusted prices of vehicles and clothing.



- Added / removed weapons, clothing, equipment & vehicles.

- Adjusted prices.



- Added / removed weapons, clothing, equipment & vehicles.

- Adjusted prices.



- Added new vehicle.



- Added / removed weapons, clothing & equipment.



- Multiple new rule changes.



Features are subject to change at the discretion of Roleplay Labs Development Team

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