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    Universal Roleplay Language Knowledgebase

    These are some terms and phrases you can use and will be expected to understand while playing on our server. Text Channels General:
  2. Lenny Goodman

    Exile Server Rules

    [To Come]
  3. Lenny Goodman

    Exile Server Status

    Greetings, As of yet the Exile servers are in the early stages of planning and brainstorming. We want to bring something of a revival and replication of ArmA 2 Hardcore Dayz with none of the silly stuff (at least not on our first server). We also wish to open a "casual" server full of memes so to speak. A link to a trello / hacknplan for our ideas will be provided soon.
  4. Lenny Goodman

    [TEMPLATE] Bug Report

    Your In-Game / TS3 Name: Your GUID: ------------ Name of Bug: ------------ Location(s) of Occurence: Date of Occurrence: Time of Occurrence: Detailed Description of Event (Where it happened, how it happened, etc.): Steps to Reproduce: Video Links: Your Recommended Solution:
  5. Lenny Goodman

    [TEMPLATE] Recruit Application

    Please Copy This, This must be followed or you will be declined. The more reasoning you give the more likely we will consider you appeal. Please be advised if your appeal is rejected you must wait at least 5 days before submitting a new one.--- * (Asterisk) marked fields are REQUIRED to be answered *Your in-game name: *Your GUID: *Have You Played an Armed Forces role on Another Server?: *Why do you want to join the Tanoan Defence Forces? (Min 40 words): *Are You Able To Follow a MilSim Play Style?: *Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? (Min 40 words): *Have you read the TDF? Additional Comments and Information (OPTIONAL): --- END OF TEMPLATE
  6. Lenny Goodman

    Forum Rules

    1.0 General Forum Rules: Respect - Give it, Get it Avatars - Keep them clean No Pornography No Racism No Hate Speech Political Discussions - Within reason Sexism - If you're a cute little girl and you want to play the gender card. The entire community has permission to rip you a new one. But harassment for normal females is not allowed. Memes - Allowed as they do not contain any of the above. Doxing / DDOS will result in contact with relevant law enforcement personnel. Secret Socities - Do not discuss Special / Custom Characters - Allowed within reason ASCII Art - Allowed within reason if relating to relevant topic.
  7. Lenny Goodman

    Civilian Knowledgebase

    Greetings, These are the new update tutorials. To call a Taxi: To access the Skill Tree: For Drug Growing (Heroin, Cannabis & Cocaine)
  8. Lenny Goodman

    Medic Knowledgebase

    Greetings, Currently nothing to display here (YET)
  9. Lenny Goodman

    Law Enforcement Knowledgebase

    Greetings, These are the new update tutorials. For police ANPR For Gates (Works as cop only)
  10. The following template must be copied and used in your application, if you fail to follow the template, you will be declined. The more reasoning you give the more likely we will consider your app. Please be advised if your application is rejected you must wait at least a 7 days before submitting a new one.--- What is your in-game name - Teamspeak name (If different): What is your age: Timezone (NA/EU/AU/Other): What position do you wish to apply for: (GFX Designer, Server Developer, Teamspeak Developer) Why do you wish to become this position (70 words min.): What makes you stand out from other applicants? (50 words min.): What do you think can improve within the development team: Have you ever had any issues with any staff members: Have you had any previous bans and/ or warnings? If so, please state what for: Anything extra you would like to add: Do you understand that lying on this application will get you removed from staff and possibly blacklisted from staff: Do you understand that not following the designated SOPs or community guidelines/ rules may get you removed from your position: Do you understand that SMT reserve the right to terminate your contract at any time without warning: Please link / describe or tell us about any or all development work you have done in relation to Armed Assault 3 (Please be as flamboyant/expressive as possible): You will need to play on the server for more than 24 hours to gain access to creating applications. *If any of your "work" is seen on forums such as AltisLifeRPG without credible evidence to prove it is yours, your application may be denied. --- END OF TEMPLATE
  11. Lenny Goodman

    Update Build 0.1

    [Details To Come] [Added] [Removed] [Modified] [Other]
  12. Lenny Goodman

    [Poll] Map Selection & Development

    Post other map suggestions and if theres enough popularity, we may chose it
  13. Lenny Goodman

    [TEMPLATE] Gang Recruitment

    Gang Name: Owner: ArmA 3 Units URL: Gang Discord / TS3: Current Members: Relevant Information (Members, What you do, how you operate, command structure):
  14. Lenny Goodman

    Update v1.0

    [11/06/2018] Map: - Interior & exterior design changes to General Store, Market, Car Shop, Truck Shop, Gun Store, Rebel Areas, APD HQ, Kavala Hospital. - Added training grounds to APD HQ. (For Testing) - New Prison under construction. - Government buildings under construction. - Tuning Shop added to Kavala, Athira, Pyrgos. - Added Black Market. (Needs to be fixed more) Gameplay: - Removed Extra Shops - Removed Yelp Siren from Medics (No idea why it was conflicting - but fixed) - Changed Plutonium - Slightly Adjusted (Might be fixed now) - Changed Police ANPR from Shift+L - Changed Gang Prices to $0 - Zipties, blindfolds, gags and lockpicks have been added in to the correct stores - Changed A Few Item Prices - Added where messages automatically save. - Added Sit / Stand Script - Added Vehicle Tuning Shop Civilian: - New vehicles and clothes. - Adjusted prices of vehicles and clothing. Rebel: - Added / removed weapons, clothing, equipment & vehicles. - Adjusted prices. Corporation: - Added / removed weapons, clothing, equipment & vehicles. - Adjusted prices. NHS: - Added new vehicle. APD: - Added / removed weapons, clothing & equipment. Rules: - Multiple new rule changes. Features are subject to change at the discretion of Roleplay Labs Development Team

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