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  1. Requirements for Tanoa EMS Must be mature and understanding. Must have played on the server for more than one day Must have read the Medical Manual Must have problem solving skills. Must be loyal to colleagues, managers and staff. must be 14 years of age Things that may cause your application to be rejected immediately by recruiting staff Does not use the specified template. Copy of another's applications Not met requirements Joking or 'Memeing'
  2. Please copy this, this must be followed or you will be rejected. The more reason you give more likely we will consider you appeal. Please note that if your appeal is rejected, wait at least 5 days before sending a new .--- * (Asterisk) Selected fields are required to be answered * Name: * Your age and date of birth (minimum 14 years): * Steam64ID: * Do you have experience as a doctor ?: * Why do you want to be a member of Tanoa-EMS (Minimum 100 words): * Are you able to handle stressful situations? (Describe some you've encountered): * Why should we choose you over other applicants? (Minimum 100 words): * Have you read the requirements for Tanoa-EMS? (Any changes do you recommend?) Additional Comments and Information (Optional): --- THE END OF THE TEMPLATE
  3. Ben Murphy

    New Slogan?

    Hey Everyone, i have made this few slogans/mottos, i hope you like them, and will vote
  4. What is your in-game name - Teamspeak name (If different): Ben Murphy What is your age: 16 years old Timezone (NA/EU/AU/Other): EU - Copenhagen Why do you wish to become a member of staff (70 words min.): I am a healthy person who always puts in the party and loves to be with friends and family but also plays a computer in free time when I have time for it. I'm learning as a mechanic, so love speed and gasoline. I have no little siblings, I'm almost always happy. Would always have people are happy and kind and kind to people who are for me. I'm a bit dyslexic but not very hahaha. I have been to football for many years so is also active. Is also a very loyal person and dutiful person who would do my best. So if you have a healthy person, I'm ready for the task What makes you stand out from other applicants/ members of staff (50 words min.): To be honest, I think I have more to offer more than many others since I have a lot of experience as a staff member. As a staff member at Psisyn I was a Advertising Manager and therefore I have experience with it. As a staff member I would do everything possible for the players on the server to have the best possible experience on the server. With my experience as a staff member, I know how to handle different situations, such as breaking up of various rules, hacking / cheats, scamming and more. I can keep my head cold in crowded situations and would like to help people if they have questions or problems with anything. I can also offer different methods of training staff, not that I doubt your ways, but please help if necessary. If there is ever a problem with Teamspeak, I can also help there as I have coded a couple of bots and put in a lot of team speeches as well as I can help with a lot of activity ingame, forum and teamspeak. I wanted to help this community as much as I can and try to do as good as you can now. I want to say I understand what I'm playing on your Takistan server but it's not something that will stop me i want to join this community and enjoy me, so I thought why I'm trying and helping you. Is a nice and very outgoing person as said before which is also important as staff then I close all empty threats out and if they are too exaggerated my sentence is just going to be gone. Would like to try and get players to the server. I would also like to try to make people think about before doing anything stupid and influencing people in this community. So I generally love just talking to new / old people and helping them all i can if they can not find out on the server so will try so much to help the individual person to be on the server and have fun . Finally, I would say I am a mature person What do you think can improve within the staff team: adverstising and Promotion Have you ever had any issues with any staff members: No, I am a Friend of the owner Have you had any previous bans and/ or warnings? If so, please state what for: No Anything extra you would like to add: No Do you understand that lying on this application will get you removed from staff and possibly blacklisted from staff: Yes Do you understand that not following the designated SOPs or community guidelines/ rules may get you removed from your position: YES Do you understand that SMT reserve the right to terminate your contract at any time without warning: YES

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