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  1. Le Cack

    Rip Huron [COMP REQUEST]

    Should be fixed now...
  2. Le Cack

    Rip Huron [COMP REQUEST]

    there u go
  3. Le Cack

    Rip Huron [COMP REQUEST]

    what the fack
  4. Le Cack

    Rip Huron [COMP REQUEST]

    What is your in game name - teamspeak Name (If Different): Le Cack Please list everyone who is requesting compensations in game name and the amount required: Le Cack - Huron Please explain the situation in detail: I landed in Kavala Square, my rotors did not hit any buildings, I stored my money in the atm just to find out my huron blew up Any evidence that supports the reasoning for compensation (IMPORTANT): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-y72TJOPM4&feature=youtu.be Any additional information that will add to this case: its clear enough that the mechanics of the game are amazingly realistic
  5. Le Cack


    Great thank you I find it a very nice comunity and I am great
  6. Le Cack


    how are you
  7. +rep he is my crush from 1972

    1. Le Cack

      Le Cack

      wait shit this isnt steam


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