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Tanoa Life Server & Forums are all receiving major updates! Releases are to come very soon!

Current Development Status / Public Checklist

Lenny Goodman



As of today, 01/12/2018 I can say our Tanoa Server is approximately 90% complete, the remaining tasks i will post below with a percentage representing completion. 

  • More Vehicle and Uniform skins for various factions [70%]
  • Slight tweaking of the economy [90%]
  • Reconfigure the business and trade systems [10%]
  • Modify some of the basic systems that will be used by the Sheriff's Department [100%]
  • Some map edits that will make gameplay more fluid and allow players to have the opportunity to undertake higher quality roleplay [50%]
  • An overhaul of sounds used within the Life Framework [90%]
  • Dialog redesigns [70%]
  • Donation Perks (NOT High Priority) [0%]


These are currently our highest priority tasks, once done to an acceptable standard, the server will go live as a BETA (Alpha testing will have been done internally)

As always, Management at RolePlay Labs are looking for junior administration team members such as

  • Dedicated Support Members
  • Technical Support
  • Advertisement Personnel
  • Graphic Designers
  • Public Relations Personnel

As these members are vital to a good player experience and to make everything run as smoothly as is possible.

I would recommend getting your applications into our various whitelisted groups as soon as possible because those who do so will be the backbone of law enforcement and medical services. (PLUS you'd be well on your way to getting promotions)

*The Teamspeak Server is currently down for maintenance and general updates but will be back soon!

Check back at your leisure and be sure to join our TS and Discord services from time to time to chat or give us suggestions.


Thank you for your patience and we apologise for pulling a #Identity 4 years gg ez ;)

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