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Tanoa Life Server & Forums are all receiving major updates! Releases are to come very soon!

New Dedicated Server




We have decided to purchase a new dedicated server which is much more durable. The reason why we made this purchase is because we were "scared" to store our stuff needed for the life server, so we went ahead and bought a new upgraded server that has 32GB RAM and 4TB HDD. Our initial plan was to go with a 1TB (960GB) SSD plan but unfortunately the delivery time said "Soon". We have no idea when "Soon" will be available, so that has made us pretty upset, but apart from that, our 4TB HDD has a 7200 RPM and a few tweaks & upgrades that make the HDD work faster than normal hard drives the other servers have out there.


We will not reveal pricing but we will say, we might buy a new IP (If we cannot transfer it over through RIPE / Business organizations - which should be fine to transfer).

I am hoping we won't need to change the IP fully and that it will be by default as when we first started.


Just to let you guys know, we are making a Tanoa Life server which will be unmodded at this current stage untill we build a playerbase. Once we build a playerbase, we will ask the community if they want a modded version, but this is later in the future. We are hoping to grab players for Tanoa that will stick with us knowing there are hardly any Tanoa Life servers out there.


Our development will be finished hopefully within this week or next week and the server will be up and running.



The main Altis Life server will be closed permanently, but ALL data & main version of our server will be saved incase we decide to do something with Altis Life.



For now, we are not planning to go live, we are keeping it beta to the staff team.



Thank you for reading.

See you soon on Tanoa Life ;)!

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