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Tanoa Life Server & Forums are all receiving major updates! Releases are to come very soon!

Map Selection




Hope you guys are well and excited. Myself and @Lenny Goodman have decided to go with Tanoa as the poll was a 3-2. We both want to try something else for once because Altis doesn't seem interesting to anyone. We have chosen to go with Tanoa!


Now, I understand some of you guys within this community or those who have left but still come on and check, we are extremely sorry about moving to a DLC map that is very expensive. Do keep in mind that we aren't doing this to waste peoples time, but we are doing this change to try a new map and gain new players. For the past week we haven't gained any players, mainly because I am busy and we have no one to advertise us.


Unfortunately, coming to the advertisement side, I am not a good advertiser to grow a community. My job as a founder is supposed to be developing, helping the community and making sure everything is working and I feel like I have some-what accomplished my job but the whole advertising side wasn't playing it's position, therefore we would like to try a new map as we don't have a proper playerbase.


Those who cannot play Tanoa and have ranks for this server will be removed from the team. Those who do have the Apex DLC will however keep their rank if they are willing to help. Things are becoming very strict at Roleplay Labs now with ranks and the things people have to do. Not too strict to make you stressed but how a server should play out.


Anyway nonetheless, we are going with Tanoa. For now, we will be keeping this server with no mods but soon in the future if we have a community & a playerbase that wants mods, we may consider these changes.


Now coming to the point. The database will be wiped with a notification on Roleplay Labs forums stating when. No one will have InfiSTAR, a staff rank, EMS & Police rank. Our economy will be semi-realistic with semi-realistic pricings, of course some will be altered and not match the real life pricings. All-to-most rules, police handbooks, logos, vehicle skins & etc, will change.

Again, we are hoping the best for this server to try and improve it as much as we can. We are leaving Altis for good as it is not interesting and people get bored of doing the same things. We are slowly but gradually changing our server!


Have any questions? Do PM @Lenny Goodman or myself on the forums and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding.

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